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The Request Network, architected by Taoshi, is a digital marketplace for decentralized data and services from the Bittensor network. Get started and become empowered with tools to propel innovation, research, and development across various domains—all through the power of Bittensor.


The Request Network: Your Marketplace for Decentralized Innovation

Step into a new era of decentralized innovation with the Request Network. Crafted by Taoshi for the Bittensor ecosystem, this versatile platform serves as a dynamic marketplace hub. Seamlessly connecting users to specialized services within each Bittensor subnet, it enables access to a wide array of offerings, including data, computational tasks, complex analyses, and more. The Request Network empowers users with tools for innovation, research, and development across diverse domains, all while ensuring trust and efficiency through Stripe payments.

As a portal to decentralized services, the Request Network stands at the forefront of a new paradigm, capable of integrating with every subnet on the Bittensor network to harness collective capabilities and drive the ecosystem forward.

How it Works

The Request Network functions as a user-friendly marketplace,
enabling consumers to easily purchase data, services, and more directly from validators.

To get started, follow the below steps:

  • Registration: Visit the Request Network marketplace and register to create your user account.
  • Subnet Selection: Explore diverse subnets on the marketplace to find specialized services that meet your needs.
  • Validator Selection: Choose a validator within your selected subnet to fulfill your data and service requests.
  • Service Agreement: Review and agree to the terms of service with your chosen validator.
  • Payment: Securely complete the transaction using Stripe for a trustworthy exchange.
  • API Key Access: Upon payment confirmation, receive an API key for direct access to the validator's services or data.

Fostering a Synergistic Ecosystem

Central to the Bittensor network is a vibrant community valuing each participant's contribution. The Request Network sparks a virtuous cycle within subnet ecosystems: miners are incentivized to offer data and computational services, while consumers access a rich suite of resources to elevate their endeavors. Validators, a backbone of the Bittensor ecosystem, currently receive 100% of the Request Network's transactional revenue, recognizing their crucial role in maintaining network integrity and facilitating its operations.

Ready to Integrate Your Subnet with the Request Network?

Any subnet within the Bittensor ecosystem can democratize their highly valuable intelligence through the Request Network.
Connect with our team via Discord—we'll work with you to swiftly complete the integration process.

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How is Taoshi Using the Request Network?

Taoshi is using the Request Network to help fulfill our vision to empower traders and institutions by democratizing access to trading signals from our Proprietary Trading Network (PTN). It will act as a digital marketplace where you can select and purchase the most relevant, world-class trading signals for your strategies, tailored to your preferred asset classes and currency pairs.